ELECTRO BREEZE Air Cleaner V-Bank with U.V. Light
V-Bank WITH U.V. Light
V-Bank with ought U.V. Light
ELECTRO BREEZE Air Cleaner V-Bank System
Greatly increased filtration surface PLUS ultra high efficiency
2" V-Bank installation with ought U.V. Light
The Electro Breeze V-Bank filter system is a revolutionary design to appeal to commercial and institutional clients who operate large buildings and want to maximize their economies of operation in their air handling systems. Using V-Banks, energy savings and filtration efficiency are greatly enhanced due to an increased filtration surface. 
Series of V-Bank Filters with Prefilters

Electro Breeze Air Cleaners which are incorporated into the V-Bank filter system perform at HEPA efficiency on multipass filtration. Electro Breeze Air Cleaners have a very low resistance to air flow and as such will provide significantly improved energy savings, and filter replacement savings over conventional filter systems. 

The Electro Breeze V-Bank filter system is a product that has proved itself in reducing operating costs in large buildings, casinos, hospitals, universities, office towers etc. Several unique technologies converge when using the V-Bank filter system and the results are increased air flow, greatly improved filtration efficiency, reduced energy costs, and healthier occupants.  The V-Bank assembly is available now for your facility!
Pre-filters extend the life of the Electro Breeze Air Cleaners
V-Bank assembly without prefilters

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