Electronic Air Filter

Duct Mounted Monitoring System with Electronic Air Cleaner and Ultra Violet Light

The Electro Breeze Ultraviolet Germicidal light installed with a high efficiency electronic air cleaner will dramatically improve your indoor air quality. The Electro Breeze monitoring system will let you know at a glance that the UV lamp and electronic air cleaner panel are working. Easy to connect, duct mounted monitoring system and electronic air cleaner with low 25 watt power consumption.

Combination UV Light and Electronic Air Filter

The Electro Breeze P124 UV, easily converts your existing one inch regular, passive throwaway filter to a electronic air cleaner. Slide it in and plug into major breakthrough technology that includes, witness led lights for the UV lamp and for the air filter panel, on/off safety switch, easy connections and low 25 watt power consumption.

Smoke Test

The smoke demonstration kit is used to prove the absolute effectiveness of the Electro Breeze Electronic Air Filter.

Lab Test One Inch Panel Filter

The purpose of these tests was to determine the effect of the Electro Breeze Electronic Air Filter on airborne particles contained within a re-circulating air duct.

Air is an important vehicle for transmitting particles of respiratory significance from sources to humans. Such particles may contain irritating materials, hazardous chemicals, or infectious and allergenic microorganisms. Reducing the levels of airborne particles in occupied spaces can lower exposure of susceptible persons to such airborne contaminants.

Levels of airborne particles can be controlled by either eliminating air contaminating sources or by reducing the densities of the particles in the air. The use of air filters that capture particles of respiratory significance can be an important method of removing particles that are introduced into the air from existing sources.

Tests performed on the Electro Breeze electronic air filter in an air duct under re-circulating conditions demonstrated effective removal of small airborne particles when compared to a no filter control. Activating the electronic air filter significantly increased the reduction of 0.3 and 1 Ám particles generated from tobacco smoke when compared to the control. After a 5-min period of introducing smoke into the test duct, operation of the electronic filter for 5-min showed a 0.3 Ám particle reduction by 97.8 percent compared to the control. After a 5-min period of introducing smoke into the test duct, operation of the electronic filter for 4-min showed a 1 Ám particle reduction by 99.7 percent compared to the control.

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