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Duct Mounted Monitoring System with Electronic air Cleaner installed with a Ultra Violet Light.

The Electro Breeze Ultraviolet Germicidal light installed with a high efficiency Electronic Air cleaner will improve drastically your indoor air quality.

The Electro Breeze monitoring system will let you know at a glance that UV lamp and electronic air cleaner panel re working.

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Home HVAC Furnace with Germicidal U.V. Lamp Coupled with Electro Breeze Air Cleaners Panel


Electro Breeze Air Cleaners are the New innovative Particle and bacteria Air Cleaners on the market, we Trap, Hold and Kill bacteria, viruses this new technology is proving more effective than traditional home filters furnaces such as pleated filter, washable filter, also the electrostatic precipitators.

 We have been producing Polarized Media type air cleaners for many years. We are proud that this design was developed and manufactured right here at our plant in Canada. Continuous production have demonstrated that the original concept works very well, but valuable feedback from our clients, together with our own tests and observations, have shown us that we could make several improvements. Our new innovative design has enhanced efficiency; also we can save energy on the fan motor of your HVAC. We have very little static pressure in the HVAC home furnace unit, at the same time we can also eliminate odors such as hydrocarbon from cars and diesel fuel odors, jet fuel odors and cooking odors and many more, but when coupled with ultra violet light, they can effectively neutralize bacteria and viruses.

 Perhaps the most exciting development is the coupling of UV light with the polarized Electro Breeze Air Cleaner. This makes the unit into an efficient Ultra-Violet light Germicidal device, so that it can be used in health care facilities for the neutralization of bacteria and viruses such as SARS, INFLUENZA VIRUS, TUBERCULOSIS, MOLD, SPORES etc.

 Polarized media Air Cleaners with or without the UV light have been successfully used in many situations where traditional air filtration strategies have failed. They are being effectively used in hospitals to control spread of TB and other airborne diseases transmitted in the air, by office buildings HVAC. They can also effectively control the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses in animal housing.

 Our New Design:

 So what is different about this relatively new UV air filtration technology? Generally, polarized media Air Cleaners agglomerate polarized particles by creating an electrostatic field inside the filter housing. Electro Breeze Air Cleaners patented design makes the electrostatic field more intense, so that the particles grow more rapidly.

The Electro Breeze Air Cleaners are capturing more effectively by the intensely polarized fiberglass strands.

As a result the particles are attracted to the polarized filter media in much of the same way as small grains ferrous metal are attracted to a permanent magnet. Polarized media air cleaners made by ELECTRO BREEZE Air Cleaner ltd. meet all of the filter performance requirements of the ASHRAE Standard 62. 1989R, and they are CSA approved, also in large buildings we can operate with less out side air reducing ventilation Under ASHRAE 62-1999 Clean Air Guidelines. Because of the filtration efficiency, we can operate at 97 % efficiency filtration at 0.3 Micron and more because of the agglomeration technology.      

 Recent research shows that polarized media air cleaner provide the greatest advantage when coupled with modern air filtration strategy, which is based on intelligent distribution of local air filtration devices in combination with centrally located air cleaner. This is precisely the situation where Electro Breeze Air Cleaners are most effective; they perform well in local air filtration HVAC home devices. When the HVAC home system is in continuous circulation, the smallest particles are agglomerated and can be captured in subsequent passes.

 An important feature of Electro Breeze Air Cleaners is that they do not ionize particles or generate ozone, which means that they can be used to clean the air for people who suffer from allergies, as well as those with regular sensitivity to dust.

  Electro Breeze Air Cleaner products may not have all the answers yet, but the new technology holds great promise for further improvements in our comfort and quality of life.

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